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"Super quirky and super cool? We think so!"

"Original Wedding Tea Towels! What a find!"

Beyond The Big Day

"A beautiful and unique wedding invitation"

The Telegraph

"The invite can be used over and over again!"

Choose from our range of Wedding Tea Towel designs and then choose your words and colour. Or use our bespoke design service to create something unique.

So, instead of spending money on invites that people eventually throw away, spend less money on a Wedding Tea Towel they can use, and keep forever.

For postage we recommend neat brown wrapping paper (not included). Each wrapped Wedding Tea Towel costs one Large Letter stamp to send.

Here's some of the designs we love. Take a look at the full design gallery

Some of our designs

Wedding Tea Towels create an impression your guests can keep forever.

When it comes to invitations there is so much choice, everybody wants a unique wedding invitation, but the bigger the idea, the bigger the price tag, and as budgets spiral out of control, you could be tempted to make your invites the first sacrifice in your quest for the perfect wedding.

For people who want to create a special memento of their day, while at the same time being kinder on the environment, the Wedding Tea Towel is the answer. It's easy to produce, cheap to post out and guaranteed to give your guests an early taste of your special day that they'll never forget.

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Karen Brown from Wedding Tea Towels